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Ted Cruz Endorsed by Jimmy Carter!


Are you tired of watching your country being destroyed by political con artists? Let them know! We offer FREE protest posters for download, as well as printed Posters and T-shirts.

Wreckovery Logo Spotted in Urbana!

Don't Let a Cheap Huckster Destroy Our Party!
Don't Collaborate in his Lies!

(Below: Trump as alien from "They Live"; Trump as the Death of America; Trumpidians casting Liberty out from America.)
We have lived through 8 years of Obama gritting our teeth in anguish, and now, when Hope should be on the Horizon, we find a Brutish and Lying Thug, a sociopathic version of Hillary Clinton under the name of "Donald Trump" about to steal our Party's nomination with his frauds and his bombast, while gullible "conservative" drones proclaim his goodness and flock hither, like flocks of lemmings "whom the gods have made mad".

In response we say: NEVER TRUMP!

Longtime and True Conservatives, Today we stand with Courageous Congressman Ben Sasse in saying: #NeverTrump!
We will never vote for this malevolent abomination as he undertakes to destroy the Republican party.
If he destroys it, we will move to a different party. We will not submit.

Perhaps Trump can steal the Republican nomination using his Lies, Manipulation, and Slander, but he cannot, and will not, Steal our Vote! We will never be a party to his Frauds! Never! Trumps promises are a soul-less huckster's lies. Unfortunately the Republican party contains more than a few Suckers, nature's destined prey for such men as Trump. But we are NOT among them: #NeverTrump!!!!!!!!

And we will remember well, and call to account at the ballot box, every sniveling, self-seeking, and weak-minded politico who lends this sick and evil man their support!

Trump = Hillary + Hitler:
Trump is nothing but Hillary's politics with the addition of Hitler's diseased and sociopathic methods. Better to have a known Liberal like Hillary as President, whom the Republicans in Congress can fight as they have fought Obama, than a Trojan Horse "Republican" who destroys our party, and spews open defiance for democracy's methods like spittle from his slanderous lips.

Never Trump! #NeverTrump!

Tired of "Conservatives" Who Aren't?!

Ted Cruz is the REAL DEAL. Help him defeat that phony liberal blow-hard, Donald Trump*, and move into the White House!

( *Notta Conservative, Offensive & Egomaniac Charlatan, Master-of-Bankruptcy Donald Trump is a Blot on the Face of Conservatism... Shame on those conservatives gulled into supporting him. ...Wake up People -- You're being taken for a ride!)

...Notoriously inept and left-of-center president JIMMY CARTER says HE prefers Trump over Cruz because "TRUMP IS... COMPLETELY MALLEABLE... I DON'T THINK HE HAS ANY FIXED OPINION HE WOULD FIGHT FOR... On the other hand TED CRUZ IS NOT MALLEABLE... [CONSERVATISM] WOULD BE PURSUED AGGRESSIVELY IF HE WINS..." // ---You got that right, Jimmy!!!!!

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February 1, 2016: TED CRUZ TAKES IOWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


An Unshakable and Proven Conservative, TED CRUZ will be REAGAN VERSION 2.0!!!!

...After DECADES of PHONIES, we DESERVE the REAL DEAL! ---> That's TED!

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